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Thank you for taking a moment to let me introduce a new service we are now offering here in the Midwest. Bruna and Associates Auctions is a sales system that we’ve designed after coming to the realization that changes in equipment inventories can be so beneficial to our bottom line year after year. Our sales staff of 15+, average over 20 years of experience individually in the agriculture industry with all facets involved in sales and marketing.

In operating my own family farm for just as many years, I know that changing economic times have forced the hand in the way all of us utilize the equipment we own. Over time, in merchandising numerous pieces of equipment every way possible, we have developed a new industry changing sales system, that is the simplest, fastest and for you the seller, most profitable.

The Associates in our business name is a network of dealers, wholesalers and retailers that specialize in every market in the equipment industry. This is what truly sets our on-line service apart from all others. No matter what piece of equipment you may have, not only will it be advertised worldwide on the fastest growing on-line auction service in the United States, it will also be listed on our Bruna Auctions web site. Insuring that along with internet exposure, a colleague from several states away will be in touch personally with someone he knows shopping just for that unwanted piece you have tucked in the back of your machine shed.

The arrow in our logo represents moving forward in the most profitable fashion, be it freeing up much needed capital by eliminating unused iron, retirement auctions, or upgrading equipment by purchasing straight out and not dealing with trade in values based on an unknown limited local market, or simply cleaning out the machine shed and getting paid for it.

Please give us a call at (785) 571-6015, or call any one of our familiar BIC sales professionals about the newest and most profitable means in equipment marketing available.

All of us at Bruna Auctions look forward to going to work for you.